Monday, July 7, 2008

Project Done

Spent one day last week working on a few hat choices for my neice. She turns 13 this year and loves to hang out with the boys. Wants to bull ride, but is settling for doing barrel racing this year. She's an opinionated and strong willed little spit fire. Oh and she loves the color lime green.

Here's the hat I crocheted for her. Here's hoping she likes it! Crocheted the star and then sewed it to a pin back so it can be removed. My hubby is thinking she won't like the star. I'm thinking she will. So we will see.
The other hat I did, I think I'll list at a later time in my shop. I really like the way it turned out but think it's a little feminine for my niece. Off to work on some orders! The berry world domination is slowly coming true. Have several that I need to get done.