Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whirly birds in the sky

We went for a walk to the post office today and there was a jet that flew over head. My daughter looked up at it and then at me and began to say, "that's really loud" and of course it was, so on the third try it was far enough away that I had stopped asking her to repeat what she was saying. "Yes, it was loud, it was a really loud jet." I told her.

What that leads me to, is the sounds we hear on a daily basis. We live near a Naval Air Strip, helicopters are constantly flying about. It's a sound that you tend to not hear after awhile, but is strange when the sound stops during the week. My husband works on helicopters and so the kids do enjoy when they see them. His last deployment, it was fun to go for walks around the block and see the birds in flight. My daughter loved to see them and would point, "Mommy Helicoter!" I leave you this pic my SIL took while she was here last, visiting my hubby at work.

I made a treasury today, in honor of the whirly birds we hear, there were some really great choices to include!


MonsterBug Blankets said...


I LOVE your helicopter treasury! Hubby flies, and we all like watching them fly overhead when we're outside. You get so used to hearing them all the time. When our guys deployed to Iraq--our little post was horribly silent. It was ghostly and we never quite got used to it. What a LOVELY sound to hear them all again once they came home--YAH!!!

Liz said...

My husband flies helicopters so my little boy has always been around them - we lived on base in Hawaii and we are close enough to post here in Germany that we see them at least a few times a week. He calls them "hepa-copters" which is a huge improvement from "hep-da-du" which is how he said it when he was yonger and we were in Hawaii. :)