Friday, May 2, 2008

Treasuries everywhere!

So a few of us Homefront gals snagged some treasuries! I made one, which I've not done in awhile. It's such a diverse group it's fun to look through and try and find what fits into your title. Since that is what you have to put in first. You can always plan out exactly what you'd like to put into a treasury and then wait for one to open and try to snag it. Or just wing it! I've seen some truly beautiful treasuries where I'm sure more thought is put into them. However, it was just fun since the treasury was open to showcase some my fellow Homefrontiers. You can view the treasury here.

You can go through and look at the other treasuries here, here, and here. I'm in a few of those as well, which is kinda fun. Thanks to FrayBaby, ScarletDgn, and BadCat for picking some interesting themes and beautiful items to showcase!

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