Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday Parties Can Be Fun

So today was the day of the birthday party. My daughter requested that I make a purse that matches Lily the Pig and give those as presents. I also put together her book completely. Took awhile to cut everything, the printed labels as well as the posterboard (seemed to work well, and will be durable enough for a 3 year old). Now I will have to get our kids' books done sooner rather than later since I'm sure there will be requests after seeing Mack's book! At least I already have the supplies and some practice!

Here's a pic of how the final presents look, outside of the bag. I know the colors are interesting for the purse, but it's what she chose for the purse!

It was a fun day, just a few kids... about 10 ages 3 and under. And sugar! Always makes for a fun time right? Needless to say, I relaxed the rest of the day :) working on some new stuff) Her mom did get a jumpy castle so that was fun to see the kids bouncing about. They enjoyed the day, haven't spent all too much time with Mack lately so it was a good day. My daughter didn't even want to come home! But all good things must end. We'll have to setup more playdates.

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