Friday, May 23, 2008

Treatment no. 2

Starts today. After Sunday, we're 1/6 of the way done. Although my husband said we shouldn't talk in fractions till he's under the halfway point. So if we were talking in fractions... that's where we'd be :) Today was supposed to be zoo day, but the weather did not cooperate! It was spittin' most of the day. And since the zoo is an outdoor sort of thing, we went shopping instead. Mostly things for around the house, but did pick up some beads to play with with the kids. So our fun thing while daddy was sitting in the hospital was to make necklaces with their names. My son isn't quite old enough to get the beads so he tried to sneak a few to eat. Never quite made it in the mouth. He does like his necklace though. It was a quick crafty thing to do. Although I have to figure out the better way to join the ends. Will have to ask around to those Homefront gals who do beaded jewelry

Also picked up a new teddy bear for my daughter. She wanted a pink one (of course) and so got a CareBear. Which is fitting since it's the one that is special for her to go through her book from Kids Konnected. Figured we'd look through that this weekend with her, now that she has the bear and daddy is once again getting his medicine. Sharing all with your feelings with your bear is what the book is about. And since sharing is caring :)

On the way to pick him up, the kids fell asleep in the car, but my girl woke up on the way home. She looked at me and said "Mom, it stopped spitting" I just like that description of a little rain. The picture it brings to mind of the heavens spitting on you is amusing.

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