Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What I do best

So I decided I'll come back to the dolls/pillows/voodoo stuff later. Save it for Mother's Day after all. That'll give me some time to figure out the best way to do it all. And go back to what I do best. I made my mom two things, one from a simple pattern I found online. I've always liked the idea of a mobeius scarf, and wanted to see how hard they really were to execute without a seam. It was tricky at first, like it says, but really not bad after the first round or two.

Here it is after getting the mobility back in the needles! Kinda fun to go round and round then.

And the finished mobieus scarf. I'll have to work on my color changes next time or find some different stitches that work up the same, front to back. But I still like the way it turned out. Added a bit of faux fur for texture and fun factor.

After finishing that, I thought it'd be nice to send some flowers as well. Being as it was after Christmas, when most people have no money, plus we'd just bought some new couches. Something we were really needing, the new ones are wonderful. My hubby picked them out, after we'd looked at a few together awhile back. He did pretty good with them too! The only thing I laughed at was he didn't want green as one of the color choices, and he came back with olive recliners! Anyhow, figured flowers would be easy to make up and a good use of odd yarns. Made up half a dozen, put on some stems, and then made a pot, which I then stuffed to keep everything more in place. Here's a pic of that as well. I have to mail them out to my mom now. I think she'll really like them. Be a nice reminder that we're thinking about her even if we can't be with her now.

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