Monday, January 7, 2008


It's one of my favorite things to say and it was all I was thinking yesterday when I wasted the better part of a day trying to make a doll out of my daughters old clothes. You see, I thought it would be a cute idea to make ones for the Grandmothers using each child's clothes that they've long since out grown. It'd give them something to be near to when they wanted to be around their grandkids and couldn't. Unfortunately, I'm still learning the sewing bit! I've made a few things for my daughter before, still working on a quilt for my son, and wanted to do these for Mother's Day. Then my mom went in for surgery this last week. She's out, she's recovering, but I still wanted to send her a sorta "get well" present and figured this would be a good one to do.

I had two dresses in mind of my daughters, one a houndstooth dress and jacket that my mom gave her, the other a velveteen maroon dress that I thought would look great with the other. So I cut out my pieces, stuffed my arms and feet (I do realize that this is not the way it is done and that was part of my folly, but figured I could try it. Made a bunny for my daughter's second Easter this way and it worked out ok. Of course his limbs were smaller and his tummy larger, he has his own issues though, being as I did the head seperate from the body. His poor neck flops everywhere! First one made and it was a learning process right?)

Back to it, arms and feet stuffed, put in the doll, sew it around. Flip it out and only half of it was attached correctly. Fix the feet, try it again. Well the feet turned out great and the arms still didn't work. So I set that one aside. My husband, big Navy man, is a much better seemster than I. He does all his own uniforms, great for me because he can be anal. And even put together the kids' stockings this year. It was the first year we'd had stockings. Here's a pic.

So I got to work on another doll, basically the same way, but not quite. Figured I'd try to sew the legs and arms onto the doll body and then sew around it all and stuff. This worked out fairly well, other than the fact that it now looks like a voodoo doll! Not sure if that is something you really want to share with people is a voodoo doll of your children. Although my hubby said you could always tell them it's so the kids feel it when they hug them.

One last try, victory! Now on to stuffing the body... I don't know enough about fabric really to be doing this. Seams broke. Thinking I'll just make some pillows instead. I'll post pics when they are done. Just trying to figure out what I can do with my voodoo doll. :)

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