Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My daughter has an already larger than life love of books. She has own 2 sheleves on our bookshelf and we go to the library every few weeks to pick up new books. She picks them out, I pick out a few, but mostly it's what she wants. Of course from the children's section. Lately she has been wanting to read chapter books. When she was a baby, I'd read to her while she nursed. I'm not sure how she caught of the books or cared, but it was a nice and quiet time for the two of us. They were books I've had since I was a child. And we'd picked up a few more to read to her then, ones she could grow with and possibly learn to love as much as either of us had.

One such book is A Wrinkle In Time. It's one I'd not read till I read it to her, but one my hubby really loved as a child. She has been asking me to read it to her now. Now anyone who has read to a 2 almost 3 year old knows how that can go! But when it's just the two of us, she listens as hard as she can, and repeats a sentence or two every few paragraphs. I don't know how long it'll take us to get through the book, but it is rather enjoyable to do in the meantime.

Although her favorite these days is still a library book we've picked up about dinosaurs. She knows daddy loved dinosaurs as a kid, so she always looks for books with them on the cover. This one is a fun one since it has a dinosaur a page, which can be lifted out and played with. She has a fierce and scary "ROAR!" for such a sweet little face.

I guess this post was just to serve as a reminder to us all, the importance of reading and that you're never too young to dive into a book!


terryann said...

great story about reading a story! I read to my kids especially at bedtime, my little two year old always asked for the bible story about all the "plagues" and the nile turning into blood, I was worried about her for a while... she turned out super anyway!

Laura's Left Hook said...

My kids love books as well!! I know my oldest loves to have us read to her and I know she will listen even if she does not understand yet. Her vocabulary is awesome and she is really getting far ahead in listening skills.

I am trying to have a post every week or so on books my kids are reading on my blog if you ever need some new ideas.....