Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reading and the art of tackling

Today was a day spent working on some chores. Hubby came home early and so we spent the afternoon looking at houses online. With the way the market is, there may be a way we could afford to buy something on his one income. That would be a nice treat to own our house. Talked to our daughter about it and she liked the idea of being able to paint her room, "blue and yellow and purple!" We'll see when we do own our place if that would be the case.

Then it was off to the library. Got a book recommendation from a friend, Water for Elephants so put it on the list to receive a copy when available. I love the internet age in that you can just go online and request a book. Saves a bit of the searching in the library, which is hard to do with my two in tow. We picked a few books for them, and my reserved copy. Now we will see if I can finish a book in 3 weeks!

Overall it was just a nice family day. Tackling ensued after dinner. Kids, daddy, Oli and myself all partook. Everyone tackled daddy, then me then hubby and I divided and conquered the kids. It's funny how my daughter suddenly just makes the oddest sounds instead of words when tickled. Then she'll stop long enough to say "Pleeeeese stop tickling me..." Whereas my son will come up to you "Tickle... tickle... tickle..." big dimpled grin asking for more.
Flip ruffed up Oli a bit as well. They're getting along so well these days it's fun to watch. Flip is still a bit cautious because of the size difference between the two, but Oli jumps on his back like he's the "big" cat in the house. Guess we'll see how they do when they're closer in size.

I leave you with a pic of Oli while I head off to work on a custom order, and read some of my book. When was your last family day?

2 comments: said...

I'm having a family day today Ray.....wonderful post!!!

terryann said...

beautiful green eyes!