Sunday, September 7, 2008

Treatment No. 9 and then some

So we've surpased 3/4 of the treatments! Hubby's sis came out for a visit and was here while he did his ninth treatment. Still going well and making it through. We had a good visit and even managed a date night to see the new Batman, The Dark Knight. Kinda funny since it has been so long since I have been in an actual movie theater and there weren't many people, it was really loud. Makes me feel old :) The movie was enjoyable and it was nice going out just the two of us.

Hubby was very excited with the idea that there are only 3 treatments left to undergo. It's what he said most of the weekend, "9 down, 3 to go..." with a look of joy and excitement for the weeks to come. It's amazing how fast time can fly by.

Been busy around here. Have a few custom orders I've been working on as well as some new toy bags for the kids. My son has lots of big legos and the bag they came in, the zipper pulled out and is broken. So made him a new tall green fleece bag for his "blocks". We picked up a big toy bin from some neighbors who no longer needed it and so made several little bags for her to keep sets of toys in making it easier to find what she wants to play with. Finished 2 of them completely (little pictures on them noting what is inside) only about 6 more to go. The bags are at least all done. Some however need drawstrings put in so that's something to work on in between orders and life.

One of the orders called for organic yarns. Since I use acrylic for the novelty things, had to pick up some new yarns. Bought some bamboo cotton as well as some banana silk. They're both really easy to work with and I'm excited to see how the banana silk scarf I've started turns out. It's a beautiful yarn that looks like a bunch of berries, ripe for the picking.


Beth said...

Oh, the end feels a lot closer now eh? You are amazing at keeping a normal life going for the kids, that's great. Those bags are a great idea! Cute too.

Amy said...

Cute bags. Glad to hear treatments are going well and that they're almost done. Keeping you guys in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

It is such a relief to hear that 3/4 of the treatments are over. I am sure the whole family will benefit from them being completed. I can't wait to see pics of the bamboo and banana silk creations.