Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Buh-bye Berries

My latest berries to leave the nest are a strawberry and blueberry. They are on their way to their new home. They turned out rather well if I do say so myself. It's my fourth strawberry I've made and sold. Made an extra so that I could have one in the shop as well. Will be working up another blueberry after finishing an order for some apples.

That's the fun of taking the orders, there's always something to work on. However the new ideas can get pushed back a little. I've got a few rolling around I'd like to work on in the next few weeks.

We'll see how time pans out. Life always seems busy and full of projects, craftwise or not. It's still an enjoyable way to me to spend my time and hey, I'm just happy people like my crochet and knitting and that I can have a little fun along the way!

1 comment:

Karen said...

How wonderful these knitted berries are! It can be used for various purposes: a bag or a purse or just an accessory.