Monday, December 1, 2008

Cart Snafu

As it is the time for shopping, the holidays are among us afterall. I thought I'd share my hubby's latest "cart" experience. You see he rides around on an electric cart for work. They go around base getting what they need and come back. Since it is electric it only goes about 10 mph. However, when you are the passenger and you look over your right shoulder, and the driver is making a sharp left, you may just fall out! Blood loss, no concussion, 5 staples and countless jokes later, this is how you'd look.

He was getting teased about needing a 5-point harness, a helmet (complete with a Raiders emblem... ewwwwww) as well as a few others. Those 2 are my favorites however. This happened a few weeks ago now and he almost completely healed. Which is an awesome thing since that means his system is getting back to normal after chemo.

Although you may not be taking electric carts to go shopping this year, please do remember to be careful in those crazy stores! Or better yet, buy online :) Check Etsy, and search Homefront Team for great selections.


Teri's Treasures said...

OKay, I couldnt help but laugh my butt off on that one! :) I think its funny... especially the 5 point harness and helmet! haha Well you know what he might be getting for Christmas! :)

MonsterBug Blankets said...

MayRae--poor hubby! THAT must've hurt a bit! Glad he's healing--and that his body is getting back to normal after all the treatments. THAT is an upside to the whole mess, I'm sure!

:) Jennifer