Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knitting, knitting, and more knitting

I've been working on some new ornaments. Signed up for my first fair. And found a game that I just had to buy because the character was a knit sackboy! I know that sounds kinda strange, but it really is fun and I'm not much of a gamer.

The ornaments, so far as just little sweaters, snowflakes and wreaths. Working on some stockings and mittens as well. Got lots of new things done and working on, but wanting to do more. With the fair coming up, not sure how much to list and how much to wait till after the fair to list. It's all just new to me. I'm excited and now realizing that I have to figure out the best way to showcase my work as well as making sure I have enough to sell! Wish me luck! I leave you with a pic of some ornaments. Christmas is coming!

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