Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Art of Trick or Treating

It's a little late to share, but wanted to show off the kids' Halloween costumes. It was my sons first year trick or treating. Last year, he had just turned 1. He was a great walker, not much of a talker and really not in need of extra sugary treats. This is a pic of the end of the night, when they came home to say "Trick or Treat!"

However, last year his sister did go trick or treating. It was her first year. She was almost 3, and a huge talker. She enjoyed the experience. So when it came to this Halloween, he got to go as well. He's now a 2 year old with lots of energy and personality who thinks he's just as big as his big sister. The last comment is almost true, of his size at least. When we were back home, everyone who picked him said "What do they feed you? (insert heavy strange thing to feed a child... rocks... lead... etc.)"

Back on to Halloween. My daughter wanted to be a werewolf. For all of the summer. Figured it'd be a good costume for my son to wear next year. Could make wolf arms and a head, something to go over her shoes and put clothes on the rest of her. He could do the same thing next year. Then a month before Halloween, it changed to a fairy. A very pink fairy. She helped me pick out the fabrics, trim and a new pair of shoes. Everything pink (of course).

While my son was a scarecrow. This was an easy costume. He had a pair of old overalls, ones he'd not be able to wear again so I bought some felt in yellow and tan and cut it into strips. Then sewed the strips onto the bottoms of the overalls. Cut a few squares of other colors of felt and sewed those on with some straw strips poking through. Picked him up a shirt that was a bit large and did the same. The hardest part of his, was a hat. Which sort of hat should a scarecrow wear? His looks a bit like Pappa Bear from the Berenstein Bears, minus the flower. He really enjoyed his costume (put it on and he said "Wow, cute cute!") and figured out trick or treating by the first house. It was an enjoyable night and now there's a piece of candy every other day or so to remember their Halloween together.

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AHH..your kids are so cute..That is why I like halloween; to see the kids in costumes...

Great Post

smokeymountainscents said...

Your children are adorable. love their costumes!