Thursday, October 9, 2008

Toy/Gift Bag

So here is a pic from my son's birthday party with his toy/gift bag we made him. Hubby and I like the idea of making them for Christmas as well. Since our kids have a little bag for each sort of toy. However, we will have to make the appliques seperate and sew them on later so you're not looking at a picture of what is in every present. I thought it turned out well and my son loves all his superheros! They were the perfect present for my little man who likes to save his sister on a daily basis.

They are really simple bags to make. We used fleece for the bag and felt for the applique. The applique design, I took from a pic online and then freehanded it onto the felt. My hubby (my little semster) sewed it onto one side of the fleece before sewing the bag together.

Simply cut your squares the size needed for the front and back of the bag. This one is about 14". Sew on any applique you'd like. Otherwise you can hand stitch them on after the bag is made. Then sew around 3 sides, making sure to backstitch on the ends. Fold over your drawstring casing, about an 1" and then turn the bag inside out and sew it around. You can then take some scissors and cut 2 holes in the casing for the drawstring to go through. We used a crochet chain as the pull and then knotted it back on itself so that it can't be pulled out.

My question for you all, is how do you present gifts?


Homemade Zen said...

very cute bag! looks like your kids are enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, my kids are obsessed with putting their toys in cloth bags! I love what you did with the applique too! It also saves all the wrapping paper all over the floor, right?